EXCLUSIVE: George Clooney Says He's 'Proud' to Be a Dad: 'This Is an All-New Adventure'

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The Clooney twins have got their dad wrapped around their fingers!

ET's Carly Steel sat down with George Clooney and Matt Damon as they promoted their new film, Suburbicon, at the Venice Film Festival on Friday, where Clooney revealed that while he directs Damon in the upcoming movie, it's Damon who's giving him pointers about fatherhood.

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"It's not the first time I've worked with the wonderful and talented and brilliant George Clooney. He does things that other directors just can't do. He pays me in cash daily. You just don't see others doing that at this level," Damon joked of Clooney. "He's fantastic. I've done a bunch of movies with him as a producer, as a writer, as an actor, as a director and it's why I keep coming back. He's over-prepared."

Clooney had plenty of nice things to say about his starring actor as well. 

"Matt's the greatest actor I've ever worked with," he raved. "In fact, I don't know a better actor I've seen in my life. I'm trying to think if there's a better actor. Nope, there's not a better actor. No, there is not."

While Damon noted that the pair's "easy" dynamic doesn't change on set, declaring that Clooney "gives me direction in our regular life," Clooney insisted otherwise. 

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"Now that I've got kids, Matt gives me direction!" he said. 

"Every time one of my kids was born, I'd say to my wife, 'I can't imagine two of these at once.' I have no idea how he's doing it. It's crazy," Damon confessed, before cracking that he still thinks Clooney is a "mess" of a father since Ella and Alexander were born in June. 

"Its true. He's got me. I'm a mess," Clooney agreed. "But [Amal] is like an Olympic athlete. You've got two kids, you're breastfeeding like crazy. I'm very good, by the way, at diaper changing."

"This is an all-new adventure for me, but I've been through it with all my friends, so it's not really that much of a surprise," he joked. "[Fatherhood] has made me much older. It doesn't fundamentally change you, but I'm excited to see who these two people are going to be in life. I'm very proud to be [a dad]. I feel honored to be a part of it." 

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Clooney has gone from Hollywood's most famous bachelor to a proud dad of two in just a few years, something the 56-year-old Oscar winner admits he never thought would ever happen. 

"Honestly, I didn't think I'd be married with two kids!" he said with a laugh. "The world changes! I love being here [in Venice, where he married Amal]. It's a magic, improbable city."

"It's really fun to bring something that I've worked on for a couple years here, that we've worked on," he said of screening Suburbicon at the Venice Film Festival. "It's fun! It's a really nice experience."

Suburbicon hits theaters on Oct. 27. See more on the film in the video below.