EXCLUSIVE: Heidi Klum Wants You to Shop for Clothes While Buying Groceries With New Fashion Line: 'Why Not?'

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Heidi Klum is taking the "one stop shop" to the next level. 

The 44-year-old supermodel went all out at New York Fashion Week on Thursday, while launching her new clothing line which will be sold in LIDL grocery stores. 

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"You go to the super market, you buy your milk, you buy your groceries, you buy your meats, maybe even a frying pan. And then boom you see a head-to-toe leopard suit you can buy for under $60!" Klum explained to ET's Keltie Knight. "Why not?!"

Leopard doesn't exactly go unnoticed in a grocery store, but according to the Project Runway host, that's the point. 

"I am someone who has never loved to blend in. I just think my first inspiration was the urban jungle. I call this collection the urban jungle, because it is inspired by New York City," she said. "This is where it all began for me. I love New York City. It's a concrete jungle, and in the real jungle you have leopards, so I thought, 'I'm gonna do a lot of leopard.' And leopard really is an amazing classic that will always be around."

Klum went all out for the show, with 35 models and over 85 different looks. But it's nothing compared to what she's faced in the past. 

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"The craziest backstage probably would've been at Victoria's Secret, because there were so many angels with so many gigantic wings and we would get knocked in the head many, many times," she shared. "Woosh, Gisele [Bundchen] would walk by. Woosh, Tyra! And everyone is like, with the big wings knocking you in the head!"

Klum and Banks now find themselves reunited on America's Got Talent. See more in the video below.