EXCLUSIVE: Jared Leto Talks New Thirty Seconds to Mars Music & Family Hopes: 'It'd Be Fantastic to Have Kids'

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Thirty Second to Mars is back!

On Tuesday, the group released their first single in four years, titled “Walk on Water,” and frontman Jared Leto opened up to ET about the the band’s new music and his plans for the future.

“‘Walk on Water’ is a song about change,” Leto told special correspondent Keltie Knight during an exclusive interview at his Hollywood recording studio. “It’s a song about freedom, it’s an optimistic song. It’s a hopeful song, it’s a song that speaks to the times that we're living in.”

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While the actor and musician is excited about the new track, he admitted that he was avoiding checking out feedback online.

“That's a good way to end up in the hospital,” he joked. “That's right next to googling yourself.”

Leto also opened up about his thoughts on settling down and starting a family.

“It would be fantastic to have kids,” the 45-year-old performer mused. “You never know. You may get the knock on the door that says, ‘Hey Jared, surprise! Guess what?’ and that could be fun too."

EXCLUSIVE: Jared Leto Teases Involvement in Harley Quinn Spinoff, Praises 'Wonder Woman'

The Oscar winner is currently single and seems to be ready to mingle, however he also shared that would-be suitors should avoid breaking into his bedroom.

“Some people climb the fence to your house and are sleeping in your bed and you have to have them removed by security,” he shared about some of his band’s more insatiable fans. “That's a little less nice. I appreciate the love.”

And while his music is the news of the day, Leto's not slowing down on the acting front either. Check him out in the trailer for Blade Runner 2049 below.