EXCLUSIVE: Jennifer Lawrence on Boyfriend Darren Aronofsky: 'There's Nobody Like Him'

The couple opened up about their new film, 'Mother!,' and whether a comedy is in their future.

Jennifer Lawrence is the Michael Jordan of her relationship with Darren Aronofsky, and Aronofsky is.... well, Lawrence is still figuring it out. 

"It's like there's that famous photograph of abandonment, where [Jordan] leaping through the air with the tongue out of his mouth and just that frozen frame, and Jennifer is very similar, where she'll take an incredible leap, and no matter what, the ball is going to go through the roof," Aronofsky explained to ET's Cameron Mathison at the New York City press day for Mother! on Wednesday. 

"Well, that's very nice," Lawrence said, trying to find to pick a worthy comparison for her director beau. "I don't really know athletes. Who is a scrawny, adorable athlete?" 

After trying to find a reality star to compare him to -- "That's not fair, because most reality TV stars are mentally compromised," she reasoned -- the 27-year-old actress decided that Aronofsky is just one of a kind. 

"He's very unique. There's not really anybody I could compare Darren to," she shared. "There's nobody like him." 

The couple spent a lot of time together on what Aronofsky described as a "nightmare" of a movie -- and while the director has cut out a place for himself in psychological horror, it seems they might be ready to collaborate on something lighter. 

"It's funny, I'm friends with a lot of comedians from back in the day. I came up when [Dave] Chappelle and Louis C.K. were just starting out," Aronofsky explained. "I used to go see them in the clubs downtown, Chris Rock has always been like, 'You got to make comedy,' and has offered me a few things, but nothing has happened yet. I haven't found the right one. I love comedy."

"He's so funny!" Lawrence agreed. "Watching him do a comedy, I think it would be the greatest comedy ever made, because he's so funny without having any idea that he's funny."

"He wrote this big email to the cast that was big and emotional, and he was thanking everybody. It was after the premiere, and he wrote it to the entire cast. It was big, long, and I responded, 'Who dis?'" Lawrence recalled with a laugh. "And he wrote, 'This is Darren Aronosfky?'"

"Like, honestly he didn't get it!" she continued. "He was like, 'What? This is Darren Aronofsky.' And it just made me laugh so much harder than if he just tried to be funny."

"I think he'd be great at directing a comedy," she added. 

Mother! hits theaters this Friday. 

Aronofsky and Lawrence couldn't stop gushing about each other at the thriller's Toronto Film Festival premiere on Sunday. Watch below.