EXCLUSIVE: Jessie James Decker Says New Season of 'Eric & Jessie' Is 'Funny, Sweet and Loving'


Jessie James Decker and her husband, Eric, are ready to take over your TV screens!

After a three-year break, the all-new season of their popular reality show, Eric & Jessie, returns to E! on Wednesday. ET caught up with Jessie ahead of the premiere, where she gave us the scoop on how she and the NFL player plan to watch -- and what fans can expect!

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"It's funny, sweet and loving," the 29-year-old singer teases, when asked to describe season three in three words. "We are so excited. But I'm trying to get even more excited. There's been a lot going on because my sister [Sydney] just had a baby a few days ago. We've kinda been more focused on that and then this morning we were like, 'Oh my God, today's the day!' This week went by so fast.'"

So fast, in fact, that she and Eric weren't able to plan a big watch party this year. Instead, the Deckers will be watching it at home, in bed, while their two children, Vivi, 3, and Buby, 2, are asleep.

"We're all going to eat chocolate chip cookies and watch it in my bedroom," she shares. "It will just be us two. And then my sister, her fiance and my mom will all probably watch it at the hospital since my sister's still there. I put some cookies in a to-go baggie for my mom to bring to the hospital. That was definitely a lifesaver!"

Jessie admits that there's no secret recipe to her famous cookies, the ones she's always talking about on social media. She just goes by the recipe on the back of the Nestlé Tollhouse bags.

"That recipe is the best one in my opinion," she says.

Last time Jessie stopped by ET, she told us she and Eric were taking a break from TV because they didn't want their kids surrounded by cameras. So, what made them change their minds?

"The first few seasons we were new at it," she explains. "It was really scary. But now I am one of the executive producers and I have a ton of control. That was really important for me, just to protect my children. So I can say, 'Hey, we're not filming today.' Or, 'The kids need a nap, they're worn out and I don't want to be filming right now.'"

"And even though you're going to see them quite a bit, they didn't really film that much, which was great," she adds. "I was very protective of them as far as that goes. I made sure that whenever there were times where maybe Eric and I were filming something, my mom would have the kids and she would take home videos of them, that you'll get to see on the show. Just so you know that they are around, but they were not always filming [with us]."

For Jessie and Eric, family has always been the No. 1 priority, and they hope to showcase that this season as a refreshing change for reality TV.

"Besides Fixer Upper, I can't really tell you any shows that are just [showing] happy, inspiring people," Jessie says. "I don't think people want to sit there and just watch drama all the time. I don't, that doesn't make me feel good. I'm not coming down on anyone that enjoys watching those drama shows -- I know that they can be fun. I used to love Flavor of Love and Rock of Love, but those were never malicious."

"I just can't get into the malicious kind of shows, where they're just mean to each other, or they're being catty and hurtful," she continues. "For me, it doesn't feel good. I started getting emails from people going through chemotherapy, or someone who had lost a loved one, and that our show was one of the main things that got them through. The happiness. It made me sit back and go, 'This is a good distraction for those going through a horrible time. Why not [bring it back]?'"

"We're doing a good thing," Jessie adds. "We're spreading love and happiness instead of putting more negativity into the world."

Watch the season three premiere of Eric & Jessie tonight at 10 p.m. ET/PT on E! and be sure to head back to ETonline tomorrow for part two of our interview with the country star, where she gets candid on football, relationship advice and new music!