EXCLUSIVE: Jimmy Kimmel Wears Fanny Pack Full of Kit Kats to Emmys, Gives Update on Son's Heart Condition


Jimmy Kimmel came prepared. 

ET's Kevin Frazier caught up with the Jimmy Kimmel Live! host at the 2017 Emmys in Los Angeles on Sunday, where he walked the red carpet with a surprising accessory: a fanny pack. 

"I got Kind Bars in there. I got all sorts of Kit Kats, Reese's peanut butter cups, you name it," Kimmel confessed. 


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Jimmy Kimmel Live! is nominated for Outstanding Variety Talk Series, but the late-night host isn't exactly concerned about beating his competition. 

"I have no expectations that we're going to win," he revealed. "It would be great, but whatever. I don't really care." 

Staying home on Sunday night was Kimmel's 5-month-old son, Billy, who made one of his first public appearances last week after having open heart surgery in April. 

"He's doing great. He has to have another operation and another one after that," Kimmel said of his son's health. "He's smiling. He's doing all the things that babies do, most of them disgusting." 

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The father of four shared the news of Billy's open heart surgery with viewers on Jimmy Kimmel Live! in May, telling ET that having to share the news with the public "wasn't great." 

"It's one of those things that happens and it's terrible and then you realize, 'Oh, I have to say something about that. There's parents who have to deal with a lot worse than we're dealing with, so we're keeping it in perspective."

Kimmel's wife, Molly McNearney, shared similar sentiments while chatting with ET's Lauren Zima. 

"It's been a rough start with Billy, but he’s doing great. He has another surgery coming up and then we’re out of the woods for a while. And our 3-year-old [daughter, Jane] loves him. Like, maybe a little too hard," she said. "But it’s been really good."

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"He’ll have another open heart surgery at the end of October and then he’ll have another one much later when he’s eight or 10 years old. But he’s doing really well. We’re at Children’s Hospital again and we have a great team there and we feel really optimistic about it," she added. "It really, actually makes me complain a lot less about stupid things. You know, when we had our 3-year-old, very healthy, we took that completely for granted. I have so much respect for people who are in that hospital with sick children and going through that."

In addition to the doctors taking care of their son, McNearney said she and Kimmel leaned a lot on each other for support. 

"Thank God for [Kimmel], he was amazing. Each day we were the other one’s rock," she shared. "He kept things actually funny and uplifting and we cried together a lot, but thank God we had each other through all that."

See more on the family in the video below.

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