EXCLUSIVE: Kaley Cuoco Opens Up About Her 'Yoga Body,' 'Phenomenal' Trip to Australia With Boyfriend's Family

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Looking like Kaley Cuoco doesn't come easily. 

ET caught up with the Big Bang Theory star as she hosted an event at Panera Bread in Studio City, California, on Wednesday, where she dished all about how to get her "yoga body." 

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Kaley Cuoco at Panera Bread
Matt Sayles/Invision for Panera

"This is the yoga body," Cuoco shared. "I am obsessed with yoga. That's, like, my biggest love besides the horses."

"I really enjoy my time in the yoga studio. It makes me feel good. I like leaving feeling, like, drenched with sweat!" she added. "I feel five pounds lighter... I really recommend it." 

As Cuoco noted, however, living a healthy lifestyle isn't just about hitting the gym -- which is why she's partnered with Panera to promote their new cups with nutrition facts. 

"We're all super healthy, especially in Hollywood, but you drink a soda and you ruin it really fast," she said. "[Panera] brought out this cup that has the amount of calories in every drink... I think that's kind of the missing element." 

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Cuoco has been taking full advantage of her brief time off before The Big Bang Theory returns for season 11 this fall.

"I just spent time at the ranch and with the dogs and that got me totally refreshed and ready to come back to the studio," she said, before dishing on her "phenomenal" vacation with boyfriend Karl Cook and his family. 

"I went to Australia. My boyfriend's family took me on another amazing trip," Cuoco gushed. "It was phenomenal. I'd never been." 

"I feel very lucky, and they're wonderful people, so that was amazing," she added.

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As for what fans can expect from her Big Bang character, Penny, in the new season, she joked that Penny's living a less-than-healthy lifestyle -- but that Sheldon and Amy might be taking steps towards walking down the aisle!

"Penny is really good at drinking wine. It's one of her favorite pastimes," she cracked. "She and Leonard have a very cute, little relationship, but I think we're going to probably focus on the Sheldon and Amy situation for at least a couple of episodes." 

"Everything that you want to happen in the [season premiere] will happen," she teased. "I don't know what the writers are planning [down the road], but I'm sure if it's a wedding, it will be some Star Trek theme, something hysterical."