EXCLUSIVE: Kate Hudson Dishes on Stealing Son Ryder's Buzzed Hairstyle: He Looks 'Like His Mommy'

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Like mother, like son!

Kate Hudson revealed to ET's Carly Steel on Saturday that the inspiration behind her buzzed look isn't just for a role in a new project with Sia.

"I copied Ryder," she said, referring to her 13-year-old son who has a similar shaved look. "Ryder had it way before, Ryder's been buzzing his head for a long time."

But he wasn't a fan at first.

PIC: Kate Hudson and Son Ryder Rock Matching Buzz Cuts!

"Ryder's like, 'Mom, you're cramping my style,'" she laughed. "But when I did it, he was like, 'Oh my God, we actually ...' It was the first time he even could see that we looked, you know, that he looked like his mommy."

And they're still sharing hair inspiration. "Now it's starting to grow out, and Ryder's growing his out," she said.

ET was with the actress and her co-star, Sterling K. Brown, in New York, talking about their new film Marshall, in theaters October 13th. Hudson still has her long blonde locks in the film, but right now, she's enjoying the low maintenance look.

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"I like the ease of it, you know what I mean?," she said. "When I looked at the hair when it came off I was like you know this is...I'm so happy this is gone. It was a lot of wear and tear on that."

The star, long an icon for her golden mane, isn't one to be defined by a single look, especially when it comes to acting.

"I think that when you choose to be an actor, you choose to be an actor to play roles that mean that you shift things," she said.  "And there's no preciousness to, like, what other people would see as something that they identify with you as. When you're an actor, you sort of want to identify with different characters and different roles."

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She also revealed that she wasn't as attached to her hair as others might be.

"You can get caught up in the fact that, 'Oh no, what happens if the identity that people see me as is like gone?' I just don't care, I just don't think about stuff like that so, for me, I was just excited to get rid of all the old hair."

For more on her shaved style, watch the video below!

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