EXCLUSIVE: ‘Queen of Versailles’ Star Jackie Siegel Brings ‘Flipping Out’ Gang Into Her ‘Sex Room’ -- Watch!


Jeff Lewis and the whole Flipping Out team have flipped coasts and landed in Florida to handle their biggest makeover yet: Jackie Siegel’s Orlando palace.

The massive estate, featured in the 2012 documentary The Queen of Versailles, is one of the largest single-family homes in the country -- and features some, well, interesting rooms. ET has your exclusive first look at Thursday night’s episode, which finds Jeff and co. exploring one of those spaces, which Siegel calls a “dance room.”

The alcove is hidden behind a pair of gold curtains, which open to reveal a window, which Siegel claims people dance behind at parties. But when the group, including former Real Housewives of Miami star Lea Black, start poking around, they notice some interesting items… like sex toys and a collection of lingerie.

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“I’m starting to wonder about your extracurricular activities, Jackie!” Black exclaims.

“Wow,” Gage Edward lets out. “This is, like, a sex room, right?”

“You know, after you’ve been married for a long time, things aren’t as exciting,” Lewis notes in a confessional. “You’ve got to spice things up. Good for them, you know? They’re still having sex, clearly. What’s that like?”

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