EXCLUSIVE: 'So Sharp' Star Todd Sharp's Son in ICU Following ATV Accident

Todd Sharp

The reality TV star's 22-year-old son, Cameron, remains hospitalized.

So Sharp star Todd Sharp’s 22-year-old son, Cameron, remains hospitalized in a Kentucky intensive care unit following a serious ATV accident in Southern Indiana last week, ET has exclusively learned.

Police officials in Southern Indiana confirm to ET that officers responded to an ATV accident on August 17 around 10 p.m. ET has learned that Cameron and a couple of buddies were riding in an area they’ve ridden many times when Cameron’s ATV flipped end-over-end three times down a steep embankment. Production cameras for So Sharp were not rolling during the accident.

"Cameron fractured his skull and suffered a moderate to severe brain injury," Sharp tells ET exclusively. "His passion is riding ATVs and he always goes out with his buddies. He’s very skilled at it. He’s been riding since he was a little boy.”

On Tuesday, Cameron had surgery to repair his skull. Sharp says, "The surgery went as well as it could have went. With brain injuries, so much is unknown. He’s so strong. Cameron gets his stubbornness from me.”

"There have been probably 50 times in the last week that he’s been cognitive enough to say, 'Where am I?' And then each time we’re like, 'You’re in the hospital because you had an accident on your Razor,'" he adds. "And each time he’s shocked, each time it’s like the first time he’s hearing it.”

Cameron’s doctors and nurses have been shocked by his physical strength, Sharp says. "I have such a new respect for these nurses and doctors,” he adds. “Each day we’ll celebrate the victories. We’re hopeful."

Cameron’s fiancée, 1-year-old daughter and 2-year-old son have also visited him in the hospital since the accident a week ago.

“They both [his kids] have been in. They talked to Daddy. We could tell he was responding. He definitely knew they were there,” Sharp shares. “We live in a farm community and it’s not every day that your dad would be a world renowned dance coach, but my son posted something when the show came out. It really meant a lot to me. He said [he was] very proud of the show and of the process. But for us to be so different, we’re a lot alike too."

From close family and friends to the girls that dance for Sharp and fans of his TV show, thousands are reaching out to offer their prayers and support. 

“I’m not a person that makes it to church every Sunday and while I don’t consider myself a super religious person, I do consider myself a spiritual person," expresses Sharp. "For the first time in my life, I absolutely believe in the power of prayer. There have been thousands of people praying for Cameron and we feel it and we know Cameron is feeling it.”

 So Sharp airs Tuesdays 10/9C on Lifetime.

Reporting by Brendon Geoffrion.