EXCLUSIVE: Sofia Vergara on Supportive Husband Joe Manganiello and What He Loves About Her

The 'Modern Family' star also discusses her new underwear company, EBY, and empowering other women.

Sofia Vergara is an independent woman and that's one of the many qualities that Joe Manganiello loves about her!

ET's Brooke Anderson caught up with the 45-year-old actress and businesswoman at the NoMo SoHo Hotel in New York earlier this week, to chat about her new underwear company, EBY, as well as how supportive her handsome hubby is.

"He loves it. He supports me in everything," Vergara told ET. "I think he realizes how important it is for [women to have] opportunities, for women to have [their] own thing going [on]. He always, actually, tells me, he's like, 'You know, one of the things that draws me so much to you is that you were, like, the first woman [who] I went out with that is really, really, like, independent.'"

"And I don't need to ask anyone for anything," she continued. "You know, you want to give it to me, then give it to me. I'm not asking. I receive gifts, but [I don't need them]. And he loves that and, you know, he supports everything I do and it's amazing."

The Modern Family star is currently focusing on EBY, which she co-founded with Renata Black. EBY, which means Empowered By You, is a subscription underwear service, with 10 percent of the profits going towards women in Colombia to help them start their own business.

"The prints for this month, I wanted to make it a little symbolic of Colombia because Renata, my partner, is also from Colombia. So we decided to do a print that is [of] the Colombia Orchid, which is the flower of Colombia," Vergara shared. "And the proceeds of these [underwear] is going to go to the women of Colombia. The 10 percent is going to go to empower the women of Colombia."

Aside from being a co-founder, Vergara also models the underwear on her website and even gave Manganiello a little preview. "I did show him all the underwear, he approves of all the underwear," Vergara gushed. "It's great."

Vergara was recently named the highest-paid TV actress for a sixth year in a row. So what does she attribute her success to?

"Well, I haven't done it myself, you know, I do have people like Renata, I do have my manager, Louise," she expressed. "I have Modern Family… I've just been so lucky to be able to surround myself with opportunities and the people that I have help me. Nobody can do anything on their own."

"It always drove me to work and to find opportunities because I wanted to be independent and I knew, even though it sounds not good, money's important," Vergara continued. "Money's important to help people, to empower people, to help yourself. It would be great to be in a world where we only needed love, but we can't eat the love or pay college with love. Fortunately, that was something that moved me, you know, and I think women are gonna do great with this empowerment and with this little loan that [is] gonna help them."

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