EXCLUSIVE: ‘Suits’ Star Patrick J. Adams Says His Wife Loves To See Him 'Get Weird' In 'Dark' Web Series


In VICE’s original web series, ‘Pillow Talk,’ Adams plays a “tortured bachelor” who wants to achieve “spiritual enlightenment.”

In real life, actor Patrick J. Adams is happily married to Pretty Little Liars star, Troian Bellisario. On the hit USA series, Suits, Adams’ character Mike is set to marry longtime love Rachel (played by Prince Harry’s girlfriend, Meghan Markle). In Adam’s latest role, however, he is tackling a much different lifestyle: a bachelor.

In blackpill's original web series, Pillow Talk, Adams plays a “tortured bachelor” who wants to achieve “spiritual enlightenment” while still engaging in casual sex.

ET caught up with Adams at the Tribeca TV Festival where he and creators (Rachael Taylor and Mike Piscitelli) debuted the second season of the risqué comedy series.

“I’m more single than I think I’ve ever been in my actual life,” Adams told ET about his character, Ryan. “It’s fun to play this, you know he’s a completely different human being than what I’ve been,” he added.

While this role is far from Adams’ real life now, that doesn’t exactly mean he can’t relate to the character at all. “I’ve probably experienced windows of what this would look like, but it’s fun to go really dark,” he admitted.

If the first season is any indication, audiences will be treated to plenty of Adams in the buff. “There’s more skin of other [cast members],” Adams clarified before adding, “It was more about the emotional than the sexual encounters, but that’s in there too.”

Playing an over-sexualized bachelor can get even trickier when you have a wife. Thankfully, Bellisario has no issues whatsoever. “She loves this stuff; she gets a kick out of it. She loves to see me get weird,” Adams said.

“She had fun when I’d come home and tell her what I was doing every day, she was like, ‘Okay that’s different,’ Adams cheekily quipped. “She’d be reading lines with me and she’d be like ‘I can’t wait to see how this turns out,’” Adams said.

While Pillow Talk was a nice departure for the actor, don’t expect to hear him complaining about Suits anytime soon. “We’re having a terrific season and we’re all getting along famously,” Adams gushed. “It’s crazy after 7 years for everybody to be getting along as well as we are.”

Pillow Talk, an original from Pulse Films and Blackpills, will premiere season 2 on October 23rd, available on the blackpills app.

Reporting by Darla Murray