EXCLUSIVE: Tony Romo Talks Newborn Son and Pal Justin Timberlake Possibly Taking on Super Bowl Halftime!

Tony Romo also confirms Justin Timberlake has new music on the way.

Tony Romo is loving family life with wife Candice Crawford.

ET spoke with the 37-year-old former Dallas Cowboys quarterback on Wednesday at CBS' NFL Media Day, where he talked about welcoming his third child, son Jones McCoy, just last Wednesday. Romo and Crawford are already parents to 5-year-old Hawkins and 3-year-old Rivers.

"Oh, it's super exciting!" Romo, now the lead NFL analyst for CBS, tells ET. "My third boy, you know, so, building my own basketball team here -- getting close."

Romo says he definitely wants a fourth child.

"I think the wife might want to stop at this point, but we'll push her again in a year or two," he says. "Once they hold that baby, and that baby grows up a little bit, they want to hold that baby again, so... that's just how wives are, and moms."

"I'd be all for trying for a little girl, but it's really not by body, though," he jokes.

Romo also reveals that Crawford is the disciplinarian when it comes to their boys.

"Mom is definitely the stricter parent," he admits. "Dad is fun time. They're like, 'Hey, is Mom leaving tonight?'"

"They like playing, wrestling around with Dad," he adds. "Just a special time."

The father of three later gave his thoughts on rumors that Justin Timberlake will return to the Super Bowl stage next year. Romo and Timberlake are friends and also golf buddies. 

"Oh, I love Justin, I think he's a great guy," Romo says. "I think he's talented, you know. We play golf sometimes. Some days I gotta give him tips, other days he's giving me tips, so... I think if they got Justin, it would be a home run. I think he's one of the rare guys that everyone thinks is great and he's super talented.

He also confirmed that Timberlake has new music on the way. 

"I mean, we hung out that day in Tahoe, talked a little bit," he says about him and Timberlake, as well as Steph Curry, participating in a golf tournament in Lake Tahoe, California, in July. "I know Justin's excited about his new album and all that. He's gonna kill it. It's gonna be a great one." 

The NFL returns to CBS on Thursdays this fall.

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