EXCLUSIVE ‘Total Bellas’ First Look: Is Nikki Cheating on John Cena? Why There’s a Nude Man in Her House!


Nikki Bella’s mom totally thinks she’s cheating on John Cena!

ET has your first look at the next episode of Total Bellas, which finds Nikki giving her mom a Facetime tour of her new house. While Nikki’s showing off her new digs, a man, who is not Nikki’s fiance, in a towel runs by in the bedroom -- and her mom, Kathy Colace, catches a glimpse.

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“Uh, who was that?” Kathy interrupts. “Someone walked by, but the crew doesn’t usually walk by in towels.”

Nikki tries to play it off, telling her mom she’s just seeing things. Turns out, the nearly naked man was her brother, J.J., who is crashing with Nikki after separating from his wife.

“Stupid!” Nikki yells at J.J. once she’s off the phone. “Idiot, I’m on Facetime. How could you not hear her voice from there? Shut the door."

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“Just blame it on Richard,” J.J. tells his sister, referencing the Total Bellas audio guy.

“Mom probably thinks, legit, I’m having an affair with one of the crew members,” Nikki fires back. “Could you go put some clothes on, by the way?”

See what happens next when Total Bellas airs Wednesday at 9 p.m. ET.