EXCLUSIVE: 'Younger' Finale Sneak Peek! Kelsey and Zane Butt Heads Over Their Hot New Novel

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Drama in the conference room!

On Wednesday’s season four finale of Younger, Millennial’s girlboss Kelsey (Hilary Duff) and her former hookup-turned-colleague, Zane (Charles Michael Davis), don’t see eye to eye when it comes to how to sell their hot upcoming novel, Marriage Vacation.

In ET’s exclusive sneak peek, Kelsey and Zane’s icy personal relationship begins to seep into their professional lives during an important meeting with Charles (Peter Hermann) and Diana (Miriam Shor) over the promotional plan for the book, which happens to be written by Charles’ estranged wife, Pauline (Jennifer Westfeldt).

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When Zane pitches the idea that Charles should do a joint interview with Pauline on one of the morning shows (after wrongly assuming they’ve reconciled), Charles understandably bristles at the idea -- and that’s when things start to heat up between Zane and Kelsey.

“We’re selling a book, Zane, not exploiting Charles’ family for sales,” Kelsey scoffs in response. (Marriage Vacation, of course, is loosely based on Charles and Pauline’s marriage gone awry.)

“I thought the angle that Empirical… that Millennial was taking was the book was about two people finding their way back to each other…” Zane says, directing the last comment toward Kelsey, adding that it’d “sell the narrative.” After all, they are in the business of selling books, right?

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Hermann recently spoke to ET about the tangled romantic web Charles finds himself caught in this season. With Liza (Sutton Foster) on one end and Pauline on the other, the 50-year-old actor confessed it’s more than a love square (you can’t forget Liza’s ex, Josh!) for the seasoned publishing guru.

“It’s not just two women; it’s also two daughters, so it certainly expands far beyond a square,” Hermann said. “My advice to him would be to keep what’s most important, most important. There are some pretty basic rules that’ll get you pretty far. Keep his priorities straight.”

As for whether Charles makes a choice between Liza and Pauline by the end of the finale, Hermann was coy.

“My personal pick for the show is that complications are great," he said. "If I weren’t on the show and I were watching it, which I would, that’s what I would want. I would yearn for it all to be solved, but in the same way that the snack that you’re not supposed to have in the refrigerator, like, 'Yeah, I want that one.'"

The Younger season four finale airs Wednesday at 10 p.m. ET/PT on TV Land.