'Family Karma' Star Amrit Kapai Mourns the Death of His Grandmother in Heartfelt Post

The reality star shared a heartfelt post dedicated to his late Nani, who died on Thursday.

Rest in peace, Nani. Family Karma star Amrit Kapai is mourning the death of his grandmother. The 34-year-old reality star took to Instagram to share that his beloved Nani died Thursday morning.

"I recently came out to my Nani. She passed away this morning. I’ll always wonder if I did the right thing," he wrote alongside a slideshow of photos and videos of his grandma. "Towards the end, my Nani must’ve felt so insignificant. If only I could explain to her, 'Nani, you were far from insignificant."

He continued by writing that she was "the Goliath that I will always love and remember." "Even this last chapter of your incredible life will have a lasting impact on so many people. We will celebrate you, your love, and your kindness for years to come," he added. "Rest peacefully, my angel. I hope I never caused you any sadness 💔."

His Family Karma co-stars expressed their condolences on the post, with Bali Chainani writing, "You brought her nothing but joy and then made her everyone’s Nani. And she is now your forever angel. Love you. ✨✨."

Vishal Parvani added, "So sorry brother. Nani was the strongest woman 🙏🙏," while Shaan Patel wrote, "What an incredible matriarch. She lived an incredible and loving life.."

In the latest season of Family Karma, Kapai came out to his grandmother. He recently opened up to ET about the emotional moment, admitting that it was "overwhelming" to watch the moment and relive the experience when the episode aired.

"I'm not going to lie to you, I was very overwhelmed when I was re-watching it and re-experiencing it all over again. But I thought the final product was so tasteful," Kapai expressed. "I mean, with a moment like that, there isn't any editing that's necessary because the words, the conversation, the expressions, everything speaks for itself and everything speaks volumes. Putting aside that, it was a little bit of a somber moment, and there were some happy, there were some sad, but overall, I was very satisfied with how the finished product came out."

He added that viewers saw about 90 percent of his conversation with his Nani, explaining, "That's exactly how everything went down. There was no sugarcoating any of it. There was no beating around the bush. That's how I remember it."

Watch the video above to hear more of what Kapai shared.