'Family Matters’ Stars Kellie Shanygne Williams & Darius McCrary on Playing Siblings Once Again (Exclusive)

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Just like old times! After playing brother and sister for nine seasons on Family Matters throughout the '90s, Kellie Shanygne Williams and Darius McCrary are sharing the screen once again!

The actors recently sat down with ET's Melicia Johnson, to open up about their new film, Christmas in Carolina, in which they once again play brother and sister.

According to Williams -- who co-produced the film under her family's production banner, Dream Merchant Media -- McCrary was her go-to choice when it came to casting the role of her brother for the holiday project.

"When we read the the [script], we automatically knew we wanted to invite Darius to be a part of it," Williams shared. "Because obviously people like seeing us together and we have great chemistry."

The pair starred opposite each other on Family Matters as Eddie and Laura, the children of the Winslow family. They made fast friends during their years acting together as kids, and maintained that bond since the show ended in 1998.

"We enjoy being together. It doesn't matter if it's a barbecue, or if I invite somebody to come and be in a film I'm producing... It's just so good. I enjoy seeing him. We have such a good time together," Williams shared.

For McCrary, being back on set with Williams is simply "awesome" and feels immediately natural.

"It's like riding a bike," McCrary said. "We had a really good time. We just fall back into it. The chemistry is always there."

One thing that definitely helps, according to McCrary, is Williams' generosity, professionalism and kindness.

"Kellie is so good. I mean she's just so good when it comes to being generous, when it comes to knowing what you need," he shared, adding that acting alongside her is, "just so easy. It's like a no brainer, it's like muscle memory."

With the pair playing siblings once again, rumors, speculation and wishful thinking regarding a possible Family Matters revival is once again swirling online. While nothing has been set in stone -- or shot down outright -- there's still chatter about the potential reunion.

McCrary shared, "I cannot confirm or deny."

However, he stressed that the answer to whether or not a reunion (or revival) is in the works is not simply, "no." In fact, it's far more complex than a simple yes or no.

"What I'm going to say is that we're working on some things, but the public doesn't understand," McCrary said. "We don't own these characters, we don't the intellectual property."

"So there's some things we have to do legally to make sure that we would be able to give you legally what you want, but the bottom line is they own Family Matters, they don't own us," he added. "[So] there's always a possibility that you guys can see us together again."

"We always love being with each other," Williams added. "That's why I invited Darius on this [film]. So we may not be on Family Matters together, but we're doing projects together all the time."

The pair's latest joint acting venture, Christmas in Carolina, will be released on demand and via digital outlets on Nov. 1.


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