Fans React to Roseanne's Fate in 'The Conners'

Tuesday's series premiere addressed Roseanne Barr's character's fate, and here's what people are saying.

Fans definitely had things to say after seeing how The Conners handled Roseanne Barr's exit on the new spinoff.

On Tuesday's series premiere, the family members first believed that Roseanne died from a heart attack while sleeping. However, it was later revealed that the family matriarch actually died from an opioid overdose that stemmed from an unknown addiction. They soon figure out that Roseanne was secretly taking painkillers after they find more pills stashed away all over the house.

The lead actress' death brought about mixed reviews from fans online. Some fans were visibly upset about the way that Barr's character was killed off, writing about the seriousness of an opioid addiction.

Others just felt that the show was not the same without her sense of humor and comedic chops.

While some fans thought that the new spinoff was much better without its former main star or have been longtime viewers who would be willing to give this new series a chance.

See more on The Conners in the video below.



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