Meet the Designers of the Royal Wedding's Bridesmaid Dresses


After working in secrecy in their home in Wiltshire for months, the mother and daughter team behind the bridesmaids' outfits – as worn by three-year-old Grace van Cutsem, the frowning bridesmaid who made headlines when she covered her ears during the all important balcony kiss between the newlyweds – can now reveal the incredible process of creating the adorable dresses seen around the world.

The hand-made satin, silk and organza dresses were created by childrenswear designer Nicki Macfarlane, 60, and her daughter Charlotte Macfarlane, 40.

“Catherine [the Duchess of Cambridge formerly known as Kate Middleton] was really heavily involved in the whole process, from choosing the fabric and the lace…and she was at every fitting as well,” Nicki recalls. “She had a clear vision from the outset of the sort of look she wanted.”

“She was absolutely charming and actually great fun,” adds Charlotte. “It was like working with any other bride really who’s excited for her wedding day.”

Charlotte also revealed the personal touches they put on the bridesmaid dresses to commemorate the wedding of the century.

“To make it special for the day we embroidered their names in the lining of the bodice of each of their dresses, and also the date so they would remember.”

And how was it working with the children during the big day?

“They were terribly calm – there was no meltdown, no tears. It was actually very happy and relaxed,” Charlotte says.

Nicki describes the intricate dresses as having a top layer made out of “satin gaza” (a heavier weight organza), layered over satin organza, and then layered again over silk.

Watch the video to check out the Macfarlanes talk about designing the bridesmaid dresses and see their amazing sketches!