Walk in the Shoes of Kimora Lee Simmons


Kimora Lee Simmons makes JustFab.com even more fabulous! The fashion mogul gives ET an exclusive look inside her launch party celebrating the announcement of her new job as the President and Creative Director for the ecommerce style website.

JustFab.com is "the way of the future of shopping. It's one step," she explains. "We pick out the shoes, the bags, the jewelry. It's the stylist, it's me, it's denim and it's fashion. We are taking the guess work out of it to get you dressed, to make you look chic and not break the bank."

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The website -- a subscription-based shopping service that provides a team of style experts who evaluate your style survey and pick clothes and accessories unique to you for only $39.99 a month -- is still a growing enterprise.

"Obviously we want it to be a lifestyle brand because that's something you'd always expect from me. I am a working mom -- a wife. I like fashion to grow with me," Kimora explains. "You want it to be accessible, you want to be not excluded - fashion should not be exclusive to anyone."

After her departure from Kellwood Co.'s Phat Fashions in 2010, she decided that "[JustFab.com] is shopping for the future. It is really changing the way we shop." Kimora subsequently chose to expand her brand through ecommerce. Sites like Kate Bosworth's JewelMint.com and Kim Kardashian's Shoedazzle.com are JustFab's direct competition, providing the same basic services, but Kimora's savage business sense and style sensibilities might just put JustFab.com on top.

In addition to JustFab.com, Kimora is launching a skin-care line, Shinto Clinical, in the late fall and we can expect to see her back on the the Style Network's "Kimora: Life in the Fab Lane" in the near future. However busy she may be, her message is simple: "You don't have to walk exactly in my shoes, you can get them for yourself now online!" Make sure to visit http://www.justfab.com/ to check out what Kimora has picked for YOU!