Between the Sheets With Jennifer Lopez


It seems that everything Jennifer Lopez touches makes headlines these days, from her personal life to her business empire. But the busy superstar slowed down long enough to engage in some pillow talk with ET's Christina McLarty about her busy career and motherhood duties.

Jennifer was showing off some clothing and linens from her Jennifer
Lopez collection --
available exclusively at Kohl's -- when she spoke about her ability to juggle
her various fashion, movie, music and TV projects with being a mom, all while getting adequate rest.

"I make time to sleep. I think it's very, very important. You know, because I have the twins and because I work a lot, it's very, very important thing to take care of myself. You know so I can be good for them first, and also be good for all the things that I'm doing."

Watch the video to see more of Jennifer exclusive Kohl's collection and to hear what she thinks has made her a good designer.