Exclusive: Debbie Gibson Goes V-Day Shopping


Debbie Gibson is debuting on Celebrity Apprentice this Sunday, but before that, she had some Valentine's Day shopping to take care of.

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Debbie went shopping at Vivienne Westwood with The Trend, a fashion series on Zappos Couture, and revealed what secretly makes her happy.

"I kind of had like, call it arrested development – I was like, employing 100 people when I was 18 but didn't know how to do my own laundry until I was like, 25," Debbie says.

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"I've really just discovered the joys of grocery shopping and cooking, so nothing makes me happier these days -- except doing a sold-out concert, maybe, than staying home and cooking for my boyfriend," Debbie reveals. "I make killer huevos rancheros and omelets and things. I get very creative, I go to like four different grocery stores because I know what all their specialties are. You know what, it's the simple things in life, it really is true, but that makes me weirdly happy."

Debbie also shows off some Vivienne Westwood items she'd really like her boyfriend to get her for Valentine's Day, and one item that she'd like to buy him. Watch the video for the big reveal!