Cindy Crawford on Daughter's Modeling Controversy

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Though Cindy Crawford's youngest daughter Kaia Gerber looked undeniably great modeling for Young Versace, the designer's children's line geared at kids 0-12, not everyone was applauding her model debut in January. At just 10 years old, was Kaia too young to model?

Crawford recently defended the highly publicized photo shoot to, calling the experience "really great" for Kaia.

"I loved it. I thought she looked great. I was proud of her," the supermodel says. "I was there when she shot it, so I know what the experience was like for her. She liked it, but she also saw that it's hard work. ... There's a reason they call it a job. I thought it was a really good introduction for her to understand a little bit what I do. It was a really great experience for her."

Cindy Crawford's Daughter's Versace Debut

She also jokes that her daughter has "stolen everything" from her.

"Other people see more of me in her than I do, but I just see her," she says about all the the comparisons. "I always tease her that she stole everything from me. I'm like, 'You have my old legs and I want them back!'"

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And what's her own secret to looking so youthful at 46 years old?

"The secret is there is no secret," she stresses. "I work out, I eat right most of the time, I try to get the right amount of sleep, I don't smoke, and I'm not a party girl. I think all those things add up over time."