Inside 'Mad Men' Wardrobe Trailer - Exclusive


Inside 'Mad Men' Wardrobe Trailer - Exclusive

A million elements go into the pitch-perfect recreation of the 1960s on AMC's Mad Men, but perhaps none is more important than the clothes.

PICS - Drool-Inducing Retro Fashion

That's one big reason why costume designer Jane Bryant has been raking in the accolades (Costume Designers Guild Award wins, Emmy nominations) since the show began.

Now, with the 70s dawning on Don Draper, she's been tasked with slowly incorporating fashions that made the decade one of the dodgiest, style-wise. But in Bryant's hands, the world never looked so good. Check out an ETOnline exclusive sneak peek inside the Mad Men wardrobe trailer and hear first-hand how the looks are made!

Mad Men airs Sundays at 9 p.m. on AMC.