Karl Lagerfeld Gives Rare Interview at Chanel Show

Karl Lagerfeld Gives Rare Interview at Chanel Show

Chanel launched their 2012/2013 cruise collection in the gardens of Versailles on Monday, and ET was there to get the fashion label's head designer, Karl Lagerfeld, to dish on some of their recent changes.

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Vanessa Paradis, Tilda Swinton and Entertainment Tonight's very own executive producer, Linda Bell Blue, and supervising producer, Amy Purnell, were among the notable guests of the lavish occasion, where Vogue's contributing editor, Andre Leon Talley, acted as ET's special correspondent.

Brad Pitt was recently announced as the new face of Chanel, and Lagerfeld explained the thought process behind the choice, saying, "It's a novel thing because Marilyn Monroe, who used to wear the drops of Chanel, now is in the Dior ads, so we had to take something else!"

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As far as the clothes, Andre Leon Talley was particularly drawn to the shoes, calling them "the best shoes Chanel has done." Andre went on to describe them as "practical platforms for people who don't want to wear high heels."

Watch the video for more of what may have been the most lavish catwalk ever!