Beyonce's Beauty Secrets Revealed

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Just what goes into making the beautiful Beyonce appear so flawless?

Beyonce's makeup artist Wei Lang is breaking down Beyonce's beauty routine in a new interview, which includes a lot of eyeliner and fake eyelashes.

"She really does like liners, and she asks for that a lot, and lashes. And I always use mink lashes on her. They look amazing," Lang tells New York Magazine's The Cut. "I use strips by Velour called 'Are Those Real?' and I got her really into it, so she buys them by the ton."

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She also likes to use a little bit of highlighter and shimmer for a glowy look.

"I really only use that on her forehead and under her eyes for a little highlighting. Every now and then, I'll use a shimmer product," she reveals.

But not surprisingly, Beyonce's look doesn't require a whole lot of makeup thanks to the superstar's natural beauty.

"I don't really use a lot of makeup on her. The one thing I do when she goes out is contour (because of the photography) but not too heavily," she admits. "She has flawless skin, so I don't really want to cover that up."

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And as it turns out, Beyonce is more of a DIY gal when it comes to controlling her own look. Lang, who's been in the business for 30 years, only does house calls now, and only works on Beyonce for "big, red carpet events" -- the singer prefers to do her own makeup for everything else.