What We Can Expect From 'Girls' Season Two Fashion


It's no secret that the 20-something hipster/high-end fashion on Girls is an integral part of the HBO hit, and now the show's creative designer Jenn Rogien -- who's been responsible for each of the four main characters' distinct looks since season one -- is dishing on what we can expect from the show's highly anticipated season two.

"We're going to continue with some of the things we started [in season 1]. You'll see a lot of flats and Bass loafers on Hannah [played by Lena Dunham]," Rogien tells WWD.

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Rogien seems to be particularly focused on the characters' shoes for next season, particularly Shoshanna's [played by Zosia Mamet] choice of footwear.

"Shoshanna will wear shoes with pops of color -- lots of pink," she dishes. "I really feel like shoes affect how an actor stands, how they feel and how they walk. Even if you don't see it on the screen, it's a big part of the character and it really helps us find their footing."

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Also, you can expect more high-end brands worthy of Sex and the City to creep into the girls' style.

"I may have shared a Givenchy look with a guest star next season," she teases.

"We go all over. It's very character-driven and it's very script-driven and I want every piece to support the story, and for Girls specifically, we end up going places that would be realistic for the characters," Rogien told Fashionista.com in June about where she gets the clothes that end up being worn on the show. "There's a ton of vintage with a ton of thrift. We spend a lot of time in Williamsburg. We love H&M. We love Zara."