Drew Reveals Her Fav Red Carpet Look Ever

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In a new interview with People, Drew Barrymore is revealing her favorite beauty red carpet moment of all time -- and the choice is surprising to say the least.

Drew chose her much-criticized look at the Los Angeles premiere of her HBO film Grey Gardens, where she rocked voluminous blonde locks and retro makeup.

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"We did this big blonde hair for the L.A. premiere of Grey Gardens. Giant big blonde hair with very '60s makeup. I had more hair in my head than I knew what to do with," she recalls.

She also lists her tanned appearance at the Music and Lyrics premiere in Los Angeles as one of her favorite looks.

"I had this black Roberto Cavalli halter dress and big gold hoop earrings. My hair was in a very tight bun and my makeup was very bronzy and natural," she explains.

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Clearly, Drew prefers her more polarizing looks, listing her "blonde hair, black tips" phase as her favorite hair color ever.

"This is 100 percent easy," she says of the choice. "I could only have it for so long because of my Cover Girl contract so I just had to chop it all off. Happiest time ever."

As for her surprising choice for recently launching a makeup line at mass retailer Walmart, called Flower, Drew hopes it will be a "game change."

"I banged my head against the wall trying to figure out how to do things different. We're doing prestige formulas at mass. That's what people deserve. I spent as much of my time testing pigments and shades as I did fighting price points. We didn't put money into marketing, we're putting everything into the formulas and therefore into people's hands," she says. "That's what excites me and gives me butterflies."