Michelle Williams is Finally Growing Her Hair Out

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Michelle Williams is Finally Growing Her Hair Out

Though Michelle Williams has now long been associated with her beloved blonde pixie cut --which she once said was a tribute to the late Heath Ledger -- the Oz the Great and Powerful actress says she's now "ready" to sport long locks again.

"I think I'm ready," she tells E! News. "It's on its way, slowly but surely."

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In a memorable quote, Michelle admitted to British Elle in 2011 that Heath loved the polarizing cut. "I cut it for the one straight man who has ever liked short hair and I wear it in memorial of somebody who really loved it," she said.

But perhaps another reason she's kept her hair short for so long?

That dreaded in-between stage.

"The mid-stage is insufferable," she admits. "It's really hard on your self-esteem."

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But Michelle still has a sense of humor about her buzzed-about 'do, which she's said only gay men and her girlfriends appreciate.

"I'm really happy to not have anything looming -- except my hair," Williams jokes about taking a break from acting. "I'm really working on my hair growing out."