Mila Kunis on the Campaign Close to her Heart


Responsibly mined colored gemstones are Mila Kunis' best friend.

Decked out in dazzling green Gemfields emerald earrings by Fernando Jorge and an exquisite Gemfields emerald ring designed by Victor Velyan, Kunis sat down with ET's Brooke Anderson to talk about her partnership with Gemfields jewels, a corporation she says renewed her faith in gem mining.

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"They take so much pride in their work and they take such good care of their employees," gushed Kunis of her partnership with Gemfields, a luxury company that produces amethysts, emeralds, and rubies all the while ensuring that their employees in Africa make a living wage and enjoy simple necessities such as electricity and running water.

Since recently taking her leave from high-profile beauty contract, the actress says she wasn't too keen to put her name behind another company.

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"I've done that once before and it's one of the hardest things to do … to pitch a product you don't stand by,” said Kunis. "The short of it is, I went and visited [Gemfields] in Africa and they are one of the most loveliest companies I had had the pleasure of actually touring, let alone being a part of. They take care of their community, they put up schools, and they teach the people how to farm vegetables. I mean it sounds so dated and so simple, but very rarely do people take the time. They say they do, and on paper they do, but in real life they don't."

Watch the video for more, including stunning shots from Kunis' newly launched campaign.