Stylists to the Stars Dish on J.Lo and Rihanna

Stylists to the Stars Dish on J.Lo and Rihanna

Top celebrity stylists Rob Zangardi and Mariel Haenn have worked with superstars such as Jennifer Lopez, Rihanna, Gwen Stefani and Kim Kardashian, and now the super-successful duo is dishing to ET on what it's like dressing such high-profile stars.

Perhaps their closest client is Lopez, who they were featured with on the cover of The Hollywood Reporter.

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"We tend to overprep, so we brought way too many options so that way it kinda blew her mind a little bit," Haenn says about their all-important first meeting. "We were trying to show off a little bit. We had to impress her -- I mean, she's been doing this, she's had opportunities to work with all the top designers. So we had to bring something new to the table."

"It was funny, our first day after meeting her, we walked out like, 'She was glowing right?!," jokes Zangardi. "Was she lit, like, in her office?"

In fact, J.Lo's signature glow is perhaps the inspiration for her latest fragrance, called "Forever Glowing"only at Kohl's now.

Three years later the duo still count the multitasking superstar as one of their loyal clients, but do they have any plans to work with her twins Max and Emme, or her boyfriend Casper Smart?

"We would love to dress Emme and Max -- I think they have their own style though," Haenn says. "I don't think they would listen to us."

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As for Casper?

"He loves fashion," reveals Zangardi.

"I think he wants to make sure he compliments her [Lopez], and there's not a clashing going on," adds Haenn. "So a lot of times in fittings, he'll pop in and just be like, 'What's going on?, and he has an idea and he'll ask our opinion but he also asks her opinion."

"He has a strong fashion sense," Zangardi stresses. "He really loves clothes."

Check out the video to hear their firsthand accounts on what it's like dressing Rihanna, Sofia Vergara and Shakira!