Chrissy Teigen's Secret to Supermodel Legs

Chrissy Teigen's Secret to Supermodel Legs

Sports Illustrated swimsuit model Chrissy Teigen has made a career out of being beach-ready even under strenuous circumstances and she's sharing a few secrets that she's learned along the way.

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Teigen's number one tip? Smooth and sexy legs.

"My Venus & Olay razor is great because it has five blades and it gently exfoliates my skin while I shave and it keeps me feeling and looking amazing," says Teigen.

While taking pictures on the beach might seem glamorous, Teigen reveals that some of her shoots take place in the dead of winter. The 27 year old revealed how she gets ready for such shoots, saying, "The prep is mainly in a nice glow and a spray tan."

Other tips Teigen offers are to stay hydrated and exercise.

"I love group classes," Teigen says. "I think it's important to motivate those around you and be motivated by all those people as well."