Taylor Swift on Her Fashion Evolution


Throughout her years as singer-songwriter, Taylor Swift has evolved not just musically but aesthetically as well, as her fashion has taken a bolder look. So, what does she think about her ever-evolving style?

got an exclusive first look at the country pop star's new online series "Keds Presents: Taylor Swift on Style," which premiered today on YouTube, in which she discusses her unique sense of style.

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"I always seem to have a style inspiration and I end up evolving my entire wardrobe around that," the 23-year-old chart-topping artist said.

"I'll have these style epiphanies. When I was 15, I realized that I loved the idea of a...sundress and cowboy boots and that's all I wore for, like, two years."

Swift has since moved on from her organic sundress and cowboy boots look and recently embodied an edgier, more sensual sense of style. In addition to her style progression, her fascination with a particular color is no secret.

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"I think, for me, hair and make-up has been really fun to play around with because...you find things you want to implement to everyday [life]. My thing: I just love red lip," Swift, who named her most recent album after the crimson hue.

Her style evolution is reflected in her current tour, through not just her wardrobe but the fundamental conception of it as well.

"My two last tours, if I were to pick a place where they were to take place—like a world in which they were to exist—it would be a fantasy world where there are princesses and fairies and castles," said Swift, who first toured in 2009 for her sophomore album, Fearless.

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"This tour, if it existed in a place, it would exist in a city. ... It's much more a glammed-up version of what I would wear every day or a rocketed-out version of what I would wear out at night. ... It's just different. It's like a little bit of a different shade of the way my mind works fashion-wise, and I grew up three years."

The first of Swift's four-part series "Keds Presents: Taylor Swift On Style" is now viewable on YouTube.