Kylie Minogue Tracks Music Career Through Fashion


Singer Kylie Minogue turns author with her new book, Kylie Fashion, and she opened up to ET about the project.

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"Last year, 2012, was my 25th year in the music industry so we were finding ways to celebrate that, and one of those methods was to make a book," Kylie said of the hardcover that follows Kylie's music career by way of her changing fashion. "There's some iconic moments and some less than iconic moments," Kylie adds with a laugh.

Fashion has changed a lot in the quarter century that Kylie has been singing professionally, as has the singer's taste.

"The benefit of doing the book myself is that I could put the completely cringe-worthy ones [away]," said Kylie, who joked that she burned the photos of her more questionable outfits.

"I have a long story for each and every page of how we arrived at that or how the clothing was made or where it came from or what happened that day..." Kylie said. "The hardest part was choosing what couldn't make it in."

Kylie Fashion is in stores now.