Top 10 Celebrity Fashion Icons

Top 10 Celebrity Fashion Icons

Elle magazine's creative director, Joe Zee, zeroes in on some of the world's best dressers with our fashion icon countdown.

PICS: Two Looks, One Star

Trendsetter Angelina Jolie comes in at No. 10.

"Everything she does is with confidence, and she's always brave," said Joe Zee. "I think any time she steps out, it's a fashion statement."

The recently blonde Anne Hathaway turns up at No. 9 for bringing the perfect blend of sexy and elegant.

PICS: Hit or Miss?

"Anne Hathaway really is sort of modern day Audrey Hepburn," said Zee. "[What's] different from Audrey is that she can take chances with fashion."

Cameron Diaz settles in at the No. 8 spot thanks, in part, to her go-to designer Stella McCartney.

Sarah Jessica Parker lands the No. 7 position, as she continues to take risks. The actress rocked a Mohawk and punk rock gown at the MET Gala that had everyone talking.

"My definition of an icon is really someone who's a rule breaker," said Zee.

No. 6 goes to Blake Lively, the new face of Gucci.

"She's become so sophisticated lately," Zee said of the actress who wed Ryan Reynolds last year. "I'm going to chalk it up to her getting married."

The always timeless Jennifer Anniston ranks No. 5, having wowed photographers at the Emmys in an elegant Chanel creation.

The first lady is fourth on our list, as Michelle Obama put designer Jason Wu on the map when she chose one of his gowns to wear at the inaugural ball.

PICS: Michelle Obama, First Lady of Fashion

"She's broken every single rule that former first ladies ever had," Zee gushed. "In a way, she can really put American fashion at the forefront."

Oscar winner Jennifer Lawrence nabs No. 3, being the youngest on our list at just 22.

"Where did she come from? She literally went from zero to sixty overnight," said Zee. "Her style transformation is really the one to watch."

Kerry Washington takes the silver medal for her expert courage on the red carpet.

"She has the guts; she has a daring quality about her and she definitely has a body to pull off something like that mullet dress she wore at her [Peeples] premiere," said Zee.

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