Inside Blake Lively's Sexy 'Lucky' Photoshoot

Inside Blake Lively's Sexy 'Lucky' Photoshoot

The beautiful Blake Lively, 25, is Lucky magazine's September cover girl, and only ET can give you a behind-the-scenes look at the gorgeous New York City photoshoot!

Known for her risk-taking red carpet style, Blake reiterates that fashion is a huge part of her life.

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"Personal style for me is a very important part of my life, it's like painting you know? I'm not a good painter, but assembling clothes and different patterns and styles and presenting yourself that way is always a fun thing for me, and an important aspect of who I am."

Lucky magazine's Editor-in-Chief Eva Chen agrees, counting Blake's great personal style as one of the main reasons the magazine decided to choose her for the coveted cover of the September issue.

"One of the reasons that we chose Blake for the cover is because we know she has such amazing personal style and that she doesn't work with a stylist, which I think is so refreshing," Chen says. ... "That's one of the lessons Lucky readers out there can learn -- and that I certainly learned when I read the cover story for Blake -- she really seems to understand exactly what works with her body, what works with her body type, and she describes in the story how she came to understand it."

But as for many reports that her style has noticeably changed since marrying Ryan Reynolds last September, Blake laughs off the insinuation that Reynolds now dictates how she dresses. Instead, she attributes any changes to simply growing up.

"I was recently asked how my style has changed since I got married, as if I was living under some sort of dictatorship," she tells the mag with a laugh. "I should hope I dress differently at 25 than I did when I graduated high school. I hope I never stop changing."

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And about the chatter that she's put her career on a bit of a pause after marriage?

"Work is important, but my greatest passion is my personal life," she clarifies.

... Let's just say Ryan Reynolds is a lucky man!

Check out the video to hear who Blake says her biggest fashion influences are, and to hear some of her biggest childhood fashion regrets.

Lucky magazine's September issue hits newsstands August 6.