First Look: Preview Marchesa's Lower-Priced Line!

First Look: Preview Marchesa's Lower-Priced Line!

ET recently chatted with Marchesa designers Georgina Chapman and Keren Craig about their new lower-priced contemporary collection called Marchesa Voyage, and they also gave us an exclusive preview of some of their favorite pieces from the highly anticipated new line!

"We've been very excited to launch this new collection. This is something we've been working on for quite a few years," Craig tells ET about the celeb favorite's first daywear collection.

Pics: Marchesa on the Oscars Red Carpet

And according to Chapman, the lower-priced line will still incorporate Marchesa's signature style elements.

"We very much tried to take what we do at Marchesa -- our embroidery, our detailing -- and translate that into the Voyage collection," she stresses. "You're gonna see a lot of prints that are unique to us -- hand-painted in our studio -- and a lot of the drapings that you would associate with Marchesa, but at the contemporary price-point."

And that's perhaps the most exciting part of the new venture -- the brand responsible for some of the most gorgeous red carpet dresses seen around the world will now actually offer accessible daywear and accessories to the average woman.

Pics: Who Wore What

"I think our average point is around $350, which is something we're really excited about," Chapman says. "It just feels great to be in a different department. It's always been our vision to be a lifestyle brand, and we're just really thrilled to be fulfilling that vision."

Check out the video to see some of the design duo's favorite pieces up close, the celeb they would most like to dress, and why they won't know who they're dressing at this year's Emmys until the very last second!