The Woman Behind Kate Middleton's Maternity Style


The eyes of the world are on Kate Middleton. From her hairstyle to her fashion choices, every decision she makes is poured over by fans who want to emulate her grace and class. Luckily for one fashion house, Seraphine, Princess Kate had her eyes on their maternity clothing line, and nothing would ever be the same for them again.

Cecile Reinaud is the founder and designer of Seraphine's line of maternity clothes. Years ago, Seraphine opened a small store in London, on Kensignton Church Street. Slowly, the brand was built and established, creating a reputation for smart, stylish maternity wear. It quickly became popular with a number of celebrities. However, no celeb provided a ringing endorsement like the one provided the Duchess of Cambridge, who took a shine to Reinaud's designs.

PICS: Kate Middleton's Royal Maternity Style

Kate began first showing her affinity for Seraphine when she wore the company's dresses out and about town while pregnant. Soon, sales began to take off in the wake of photos of her wearing the Seraphine designs. However, nothing would prepare the clothing company for the demand when official family photos, featuring Kate in Seraphine dresses, were released.

"In two days we did the turnover that we would do in a month," said Reinaud, discussing the meteoric rise in mass popularity for her independent company. "It's kind of a game changer, in terms of the appeal that she has."

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In this video, Reinaud sits down for an exclusive interview with ET, discusses how the Princess chose Seraphine for all her maternity dress needs, and gives us a tour of some of the Seraphine dresses Kate has worn during her pregnancy.

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