Behind Katy Perry's Epic Killer Queen Commercial


Katy Perry just launched her new perfume Killer Queen, and ET has the behind-the-scenes footage of the amazing commercial, in which Katy stars as somewhat of a rock n' roll version of Marie Antoinette.

Besides the super-stylish commercial, Katy also answered a few questions about her new fragrance at the Duke Mansion in New York City on May 2, including how she came up with the concept of Killer Queen.

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"One, I love the idea that the woman is in power," she explained. " ... So I really love a strong, confidant woman, and that's what I hope to put into this bottle, something that highlights quite possibly the power inside of you."

She also revealed that the perfume is indeed named after the famous Queen song Killer Queen.

"I'm such a big fan of the lyrics of Killer Queen, and they are [an] explanation of the type of woman that I want to be -- or hope to be -- but I'll let you tell me that. This bottle I hope, kind of symbolizes those lyrics as well."

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Check out the video to see Katy in her glamorous element, as well as an explanation to what Killer Queen actually smells like.

Killer Queen is available at Macy's stores now.