WATCH: L'Oreal Calls Blake 'Icon of a Generation'

L'Oreal Paris

Blake Lively is clearly taking her new L'Oreal Paris gig seriously, going behind-the-scenes of the science that goes into making the brand's cosmetics in her first video as L'Oreal's Global Spokesperson.

Not surprisingly, Blake looks chic and perfectly put-together in the black-and-white video (even in a lab coat!), and the brand makes it clear just how enamored they are with their latest face.

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Just a few of the glowing compliments they bestow upon the beautiful Blake?

"A smile that illuminates the room," "a stunning actress" and "the icon of a generation."

... Wow, tell us how you really feel, L'Oreal!

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Check out the video above to see if you agree with all of the above.