YouTube Star Bethany Mota Shows Aeropostale Line


ET recently caught up with Betheny Mota -- the 18-year-old sensation who has more than five million subscribers to her YouTube channel where she discusses everything fashion, beauty and lifestyle -- in New York City, where she gave us an inside look at her clothing line with Aeropostale!

Showing off her trademark accessible style, Betheny says her exciting new collection is great for all different types of girls.

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"It will fit a girl who's a little bit more edgy, or a maybe a little bit more girly or feminine," she tells ET. "I really like to mix a lot of styles into my line while keeping it very affordable and amazing quality because that's what's very, very, very important to me about my line."

Check out the video to see a few of her most adorable outfits!

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The Bethany Mota Collection is available exclusively at Aeropostale and is available in stores now or online at