Connie Britton's No. 1 Beauty Secret


ET went behind the scenes of Connie Britton's new POND'S ad, getting the Nashville star to spill some of her biggest beauty secrets.

"I would say one of my biggest beauty secrets is keeping it simple," said Connie, 46. "I try to find products that will help me do that."

Some of those products include POND'S BB+ cream and towelettes.

"They have multiple functions, which I love," Connie raved. "If I'm using something that covers a lot of bases at one time that just helps me get on with my day."

Connie's days became much busier in 2011 when she adopted her first child.

"I figured out what my priorities are and what I want to spend a lot of time on and what I don't want to spend a lot of time on," said Connie. "I think that's what all working parents have to do."

The actress is being honored at the aTVfest taking in place in Atlanta, Georgia from February 6-8.

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