Ireland Baldwin's Secrets to a Great Selfie


Elle Creative Director Joe Zee recently chatted with Kim Basinger and Alec Baldwin's model daughter Ireland Baldwin, 18, who besides being a rising star in the fashion world, is also one of the most popular figures in social media. Her much-talked about Instagram account alone has almost 80,000 followers.

So what are her rules for the perfect selfie?

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"It's all about the lighting -- that's just it. The background is important. If you're in the bathroom, c'mon -- I've done it, but c'mon," she laughs. "You've gotta be in a nice setting. There's just little things, little tricks."

Baldwin is refreshingly honest about her social media presence, admitting that she does in fact "overshare."

"I'm having fun, and I can think of so many oversharers [but] without them, Instagram is boring if no one's posting, am I right?," she explains. "I will admit that I've posted way too many selfies in my day and I'm trying to cut down. But what it is, is it's exciting. I feel like if everyone had the opportunities I have of getting your hair and makeup done, all the hair and clothes ... it's like the modern day scrapbook .. you want to remember it."

And how many pictures does she take before settling on the perfect selfie?

"Seriously, I take like 30," she admits. "You gotta get the good shot! I'm not one of those girls who just -- 'There it is.' It's a process."

But on a serious note, Ireland is getting ready to walk her first runway show for The Go Red For Women/The Heart Truth Red Dress Collection tonight at Lincoln Center during New York Fashion Week, which will feature more than 20 celebrities walking the runway in exclusive red designer dresses, bringing inspirational stories of women who continue their battle against heart disease to life.

"I think this is an incredible opportunity. It's something I definitely support," she tells ET. "I've always supported exercise, health and your heart health, and taking care of yourself. This is beyond a phenomenal opportunity."

She will walk the runway in a gorgeous red Donna Karan dress, which according to the statuesque star, will actually be the toughest part of the show!

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"I'm really nervous because I just learned to walk yesterday," she laughs. " ... I think it's kind of hilarious. Almost every manager in IMG -- in the office yesterday -- was literally teaching me down the hallway, like, showing me up, showing me how to walk in heels, it was just hilarious. ... All of them [were guys] except one. It takes a lot. I'm clumsy."

Check out the video to hear where Ireland gets her confidence from, if she steals clothes from her famous mother's closet, and for an up-close look at her amazing Donna Karan gown!