An Up-Close Look at SJP's New Shoe Line!

Sarah Jessica Parker gives ET an up-close look at her highly anticipated new shoe collection debuting exclusively at at Nordstrom, plus a look at the buzzed-about "Carrie" shoe.

Elle Creative Director Joe Zee recently sat down with Sarah Jessica Parker and her shoe collection partner George Malkemus -- CEO of Manolo Blahnik -- at the Crosby Street Hotel in New York City to talk about her highly anticipated new shoe line launching exclusively at Nordstrom, where the fashionable star gave ET a coveted look at her "Carrie" show, which is based on her beloved Sex and the City character.

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"It crossed my mind that people might kind of have a connection in their head of what the shoe should be if we were going to be doing those," she said about the pressure to design a "Carrie" shoe that would live up to fan expectations. "But I think one can not produce like that. If you're gonna be result-oriented, you're going to get yourself into trouble. Why I chose to call this one Carrie is because I wanted her to be thought of as a neutral. There was really something unconventional about a purple being a neutral, that it appeared ladylike, but it was really sexy ... that there was something subversive and naughty and sexy, but it was elegant and it could be considered appropriate -- so I thought that was sort of the conflict with Carrie."

Parker also stressed that it was important to her that her shoes be both high quality and actually affordable for women.

"How do we get these shoes to be made in Tuscany, and still be affordable for a lot of women, and what is that space, and is there a space for a shoe between $250 and high $400s?" she explained about the challenges of designing her shoe collection. "And it was a wonderful experience for me, and to see where you can arrive with those limitations."

But though the 48-year-old fashionista is obviously passionate about shoes, she admitted that people are actually sometimes disappointed when they see her personal closet!

"The funny thing about it is relative to a lot of people in the rest of this country, I have a fairly small closet," she surprisingly revealed. "When people come over they're sort of disappointed to see how tiny my closet is. And I have a significant amount of shoes, but the truth is, I haven't really bought a lot of them. A lot of them are from work. ... I don't wear them that much. But I love to see them, and they remind me of moments and wonderful pasts that I feel privileged to have had."

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Check out the video to see a few of Parker's gorgeous shoes from her collection up-close, plus why her four-year-old daughter Loretta trying on her high heels for the first time was both a charming and scary moment!

Parker's SJP Collection will launch exclusively at Nordstrom stores and on February 28.