MTV's Drama's 'Young & Reckless' Takeover


Young Hollywood stars like Justin Bieber, Ashley Benson, Cassie and Blake Griffin are loving the latest streetwear fashion brand, Young & Reckless.

Chris Pfaff, aka Drama from MTV's Fantasy Factory, is building a fashion empire and attributes a lot of his success to social media.

"Social media is a huge piece of our company. And it’s really 90 percent of our marketing. I think we're one of the first companies to rely that much on social media."

Pfaff recently collaborated with recording artist Cassie for the exclusive collection "EN-WHY2EL-AYE" for Young & Reckless, which incorporated original graphics with hand drawn art. Pfaff says celebrities love the brand because it's more than fashion, it's a lifestyle.

"I think it represents a lifestyle. It represents a mentality that people can relate to. Most of these people, similar to me, are young people that had to break through barriers and do things their own way to get what they wanted."

Young & Reckless can be found in over 3,000 stores nationwide as well as online, and Pfaff is not slowing down anytime soon. With nearly 1 million Instagram followers and 600k Twitter followers, he is showing the power of self-promotion at its best.