Does SJP Let Her 4-year-old Twins Try on Her Designer Shoes?


Fashion icon Sarah Jessica Parker recently sat down with Elle Creative Director Joe Zee at Crosby Hotel in New York City to talk about her new shoe line at Nordstrom called SJP, where she also chatted about her daughters, four-year-old twins Loretta and Tabitha, trying on her legendary pairs of designer shoes!

"Seeing them shuffle around, not picking their feet up but doing that shuffle in your shoes, it was kind of tender, and kind of sweet," she says about her twins picking up her love for shoes.

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Though she jokes that the love only goes so far!

"And then I'm like, 'Eeeee, be careful with that pair!'" she jokes. "Oh my God, be careful."

Check out the video to hear Sarah Jessica explain the process of designing her much buzzed-about "Carrie" shoe -- named of course, after her beloved Sex and the City character Carrie Bradshaw -- plus an up-close look at her first-ever shoe collection!

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Sarah Jessica's SJP Collection is available now at Nordstrom stores and

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