Shailene Woodley: 'No Bra, No Problem'


The always candid Shailene Woodley covers InStyle magazine's June 2014 issue, in which the 22-year-old The Fault in Our Stars actress gets real about everything from her body, sense of confidence and a complete lack of rules when it comes to dating.

On body confidence, the slender Shailene says she feels perfect right where she is -- smaller breasts and all.

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"I'm in a place where I feel healthier than I've ever been, and my body is exactly where it wants to be. I feel like I'm a woman," she says. "My boobs shrank. No one tells you that when you lose weight. No bra, no problem."

Known for being a free spirit who believes in eating clay and yes, sunning her lady parts,  her unguarded nature also clearly extends to her dating life.

"I have zero expectations and zero rules. I'm open," she says. "I can't see it being another actor, except that they understand this lifestyle. Hey I could fall in love with an Aussie and move to Australia. Who knows!"

As for any criticisms she may receive, Shailene is refreshingly honest about her confident outlook on life.

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"I'm done living for other people. I'm done being a people pleaser," she says. "I'm done thinking about what people think about me."

The June 2014 issue of InStyle hits newsstands on Friday, May 16.