One Direction Gets Its Own Makeup Line; Niall Horan Proudly Wears It



British boy band One Direction just confirmed that they've got a new makeup line coming, courtesy of member Niall Horan, who tweeted a picture of himself Monday, proudly sporting it.

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From the looks of his hands, the makeup line promises to be a colorful one complete with the standard eye shadow, lipstick and lip glosses, and will even include nail polishes (though how hard do you think Niall had to scrub to get that glitter polish off?!).

And though the choice for a makeup line might seem like an unusual one, if One Direction's other business ventures are an indication, the new cosmetics will be a huge hit -- their debut fragrance Our Moment broke records to become the fastest-selling perfume of 2013.

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No word yet on when the new line will hit stores.