Kim Kardashian: Pregnant Women Should Never Leave the House

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Looks like those reports bashing Kim Kardashian's pregnancy style/weight really got to her.

In a new interview with Elle magazine to celebrate Babies "R" Us' partnership with Operation Shower -- an organization that throws baby showers for future military moms who are going through pregnancy alone during their husbands' deployment -- Kim actually recommended that pregnant women should go into hiding for a year.

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"I recommend hiding for a good year and having no pregnancy style. That's what I recommend," Kim said bluntly when asked about her personal maternity style recommendations. "If you can do it, hide. Never leave the house."

When she was quickly called out by Khloe for her non-"practical" answer, Kim stood her ground.

"That's really my recommendation. Wear a huge blanket," she said.

In the new interview, Kim also dished about her one-year-old daughter North West already having her own sense of style.

"Absolutely. I think it's a must," she said when asked if kids should have their own style or if their parents should cultivate it for them. "I think that you've got to see their personality to know what style they want. Like, North doesn't really like pink. Like, she's very neutral…she doesn't like prints."

"She's like badass. Like, I'm North. She's very confident in who she is," she added. "And Penelope (Kourtney's daughter) is like submissive and sweet. North is very sweet, but North is like 'Hi,' like she bosses people around."

And just what exactly is baby North's personal style?

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"North is a princess girly, but in creams. Like a cream textured princess," she shared.