Are These Pineapples Part of the Outfit?

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The Lolli/Acacia 2015 Swimwear collection was one of several shows held Sunday as part of Fashion Week in Miami, Florida. While many of the swimsuits worn were super stylish, this one raised the most questions.

Namely, are the pineapples that she's holding over her breasts part of the outfit, or just props to cover up her chest?

If they aren't part of the outfit, is the entire thing she's modeling just that pair of yellow bikini bottoms? Don't get us wrong, they look lovely, but that doesn't feel like a complete beach outfit -- outside of Miami, anyway.

If they are in fact part of the wardrobe, are they somehow attached in a way we just can't see, or would the wearer have to constantly hold them over her breasts the entire time she's on the sand or in the water. That seems difficult. Actually, in the water, that seems like it's a possible safety hazard.

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Either way, she's a beautiful model rocking a pair of yellow bikini bottoms and a (possible) pineapple top in front of a room full of people. So, good on her!

We can't help imagining what other fruits and/or fruit-based objects would make for good chest-coverage. Oh, right, a set of coconut cocktail mugs. Perfect.

Or possibly watermelon slices.

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What do you think of these pineapples? Hit or Miss?